Our establishment in 2010 is proof of Rodamas' continuous improvement of its distribution services. Previously known as the Rodamas Consumer Product Division, TNS evolved from handling the mother company’s distribution to become a business in its own right. TNS now offers total marketing solutions from distribution, logistics, sales, to information management.

Our distribution network offers unparalleled geographic breadth, as it spans the entire archipelago, and gets products right to the point of sales. Serving over 200,000 direct customers spread over all of Indonesia, TNS is delivering faster than the competition and maintaining competitive pricing strategies.

As Indonesia’s economy has been growing significantly, the need for information management has increased enormously. TNS has the capability to supply  information on demand, right on time, as well as accurate to the single product and customer, thanks to its logistics and transportation system that is enhanced by a seamless IT network.

"Decades of delivering quality goods all over the country has given us foresight."